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Top 10 App Accessories

Top 10 App Accessories With the inundation of smartphone apps, it makes sense the next natural phase would be mobile device add-ons. With these accessories, apps are no longer limited to the confines of your phone or tablet. From home and health to gaming and entertainment, these app accessories work with your electronics to make life a little bit easier. Here’s a look at the latest must-have app accessories to transform your mobile Wi-Fi device.


Using smartphone and tablet apps and your Wi-Fi enabled device, sync up these smart-gadgets to get the most from your home and entertainment systems.

  • Ion - If you’re a record collector who still loves the aesthetic of a proper player, the iON Turntable Conversion System is a great centerpiece for any music lover’s home. Just as stylish as it is functional—the built-in dock allows you to transfer music from the player using the iOS-based app, no computer needed. (Compatible with iPhone, iPad & iPod.)
  • AmpliTube iRig - Turn your mobile device into a mobile guitar with the AmpliTube iRig. Easily control three real-time stompbox effects, an amplifier, cabinet, and microphone from the palm of your hand. The IK Multimedia AmpliTube iRig software not only lets you control the sounds, but also lets you record your jam sessions anywhere, anytime. (Compatible with iOS.)
  • Beacon - Pair your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth to this app accessory and use Beacon to transform your smartphone device into a remote control for the entire entertainment center. Simplify the setup of your media player, sound system, cable box and use your smartphone to change channels, turn up the volume and more. (Compatible with Android & iOS.)



Making sure you get the right meals everyday leaves little time (and energy) to monitor everything else! Why do all the work when you don't need to? Here are a few app accessories that focus on fitness so you can continue to focus on everything else.

  • Lark Silent Un-Alarm Clock and Sleep Sensor – Waking up at odd hours or not getting enough sleep can prevent us from functioning at our best. This app-based tool not only monitors your daily sleep habits but also helps you understand what type of sleeper you are. Using this information, the Un-Alarm clock uses the wearable monitor to wake you at just the right time. (Compatible with iOS.)
  • iBaby Monitor - Meet the next generation of baby monitors. Use the iBaby Monitor paired with your mobile device or PC to not only monitor your baby’s movements but also speak to your baby using the two-way audio function. Beyond the basics, the iBaby Monitor lets you snap still images, set alerts, and even share baby’s special moments on the web with ease. (Compatible with iOS.)
  • iHealth Blood Pressure Monitor - Connect your smartphone or tablet to the iHealth Blood Pressure Monitor and measure systolic/diastolic numbers, pulse wave, heart rate and more. Track other activities and diet, and manage it all through customizable charts. (Compatible with iOS.)



For more gaming options than ever before, attach these app-based accessories to your mobile device and experience an entirely new generation of gaming. (Compatible with iOS.)

  • App Drive by Appfinity - This driving simulator converts any iOS device into a steering control that can be moved to race around other cars on a variety of exciting race tracks. Customize your car, motocross or plane and choose any number of games to add when you've become a pro driver on others. 
  • MOGA Mobile Gaming System - From racing around hairpin turns to revisiting a few classics like Sonic and Pac-Man, this analog controller for your smartphone or tablet PC delivers responsive, arcade-like play on your mobile device. Use the MOGA Pivot App to get the latest MOGA-fied games. (Compatible with Android.)



For the entrepreneur or anyone who needs an easy mobile payment option, both these accessories affix to your device so you can take transactions everywhere you go!

  • Square Up - This electronic payment service accepts credit cards via your smartphone device. The app-based card reader plugs into the audio jack to connect your phone to swipe the card. As with any credit card company, there are per transaction fees that must be paid to Square Up, but the benefits of being able to take credit card payments anywhere certainly outweigh the cost. (Compatible with Android and iOS.)
  • PayPal - Similar to Square Up, the PayPal Credit Card Reader uses its companion app to offer a secure payment option for debit and credit cards or even PayPal checks. (Compatible with Android and iOS.)

These are just a few of the seemingly endless array of app-based tools and add-ons for your mobile device. From parenting tools that help you monitor your baby's movements to piano keyboards, drum pads, and tiny missile launchers - look to your tablet and smartphone to make work, play, and life a little better.

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