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How to make holiday gift baskets

holiday gift basketsAre you looking for a personalized gift idea that you can make yourself? Follow these guidelines to create a themed gift basket. Your friends and family will appreciate that you took the time to prepare a gift that reflects their tastes and lifestyle.

1. Spa basket:

Choose an attractive wicker or wire basket or a metal container that can be displayed in a bathroom. Line it with a plush bath towel. Fill it with bubble bath, bath salt, scented bar soap, body scrub, loofah sponges, herbal lotion and a scented candle. Tuck in a DVD of relaxing music. Tie a large, colorful bow on the handle.

2. Organic kitchen basket:

Line a big mixing bowl with a colorful kitchen dish towel. Fill it with organic foods, including; herbal tea, coffee, spices, chocolate and granola. Add a couple of small kitchen utensils, such as; a mug, spoon and tea bag strainer. Tuck in a 100% organic cotton towel. Wrap a ribbon around the bowl and decorate it with a big bow.

3. Love your car basket:

Line a plastic wash bucket with a car polishing cloth. Fill it with car-care products like instant wax, windshield rain treatment and leather cleaner. Don’t forget a sponge. Tie an air freshener in one of his or her favorite scents with a ribbon and tie a bow around the top of the bucket.

4. Children’s art basket:

Use a storage box with a bright colored lid or handles and fill it with age-appropriate art supplies. Add items like coloring books, glitter glue, crayons, paints and brushes. Include a clay or sticker kit. Add a multicolored bow with curly ribbons.

5. Movie time basket:

Fill an attractive basket with a handle (which can store remotes and video game controllers later on) with movie night staples. Fill with new or favorite classic DVDs, boxed candy, 2-liter bottles of soda and, of course, microwave popcorn with movie-theatre butter.

6. Chocolate lovers basket:

Line a basket with colorful shredded tissue paper. Fill it with an assortment of good quality white, milk, and dark chocolates. Include full-flavored darks, from 66% cocoa to the commanding presence of super-dark 99% cocoa. Remember to include a few filled bars of mint, orange and raspberry. You can find everything you need to put together great holiday gift baskets at Walmart. It’s easy and it’s fun. It’s best to stick to a theme and the happy recipient will appreciate your very personalized gift.

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